The Curious Case of The Pink Fog

What do you think of the color pink?

I like it, it's pretty. But it's not my favorite color. Right now, I'm on a total blue/turquoise/teal kick. My phone case is a nice teal. I bought a cheap extra phone charger battery, and it's close to the same color. I just finished painting my bed frame a pretty blue color. My toes are blue. I took a pic of my bed and my toes together!

"Blue on Blue"
I'll confess, I just wanted an excuse to put a new pic out there. Did I need to post that picture? Does anyone care to see it? What value does it bring? Who knows! But I like it. What made me take this picture and want the world to see it? Is that something a rational person does?

These are all rhetorical questions, of course. It's an example of something people do everyday (almost said trans people, but people in all walks of life do this sort of thing). As near as I can tell, people take pictures, paint, listen to music, watch movies, etc., etc., etc., ETC. for a myriad reasons, including some described by emotions most of us are familiar with: pleasure, excitement, happiness.

Like I say, many reasons. Not all positive. But I am able to tell you why I did that particular thing at that particular time.

Which brings me to the term I've been pondering all week. "Pink Fog". What is it? I had to Google it when I heard it from Calie over at T-Central in response to my post, "The Choice". I think I had heard it once before, but didn't really know what she meant by it. Another comment warned, and this made my giggle and conjure up an image of a little pink Yoda: "Once you stay in the pink fog, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will."

If you are wondering, like I was, what pink fog means, I'm sorry to tell you that I can't tell you. That was a funny sentence to write. It's not a "if I told you, I'd need to kill you" thing. I honestly don't know. There are several interpretations out there. I'll put links to resources I used at the bottom of this post. I wonder what the rest of you think about it.

I even wanted to see what connotation others out there had, and while I got very few replies (who doesn't love a poll? apparently almost all of my Twitter followers), the feedback I did get wasn't negative.
Pink Fog is also called "gender fog", at least by some. I've read the term "gender euphoria" as well, and what I think is it's synonym, "pink cloud". While these latter two terms seem to indicate a very positive state of being, the first two....portend DOOM.

I apologize in advance if I misinterpreted anything that I've read on the subject. I'd like to thank the authors of the various posts for giving me something intriguing to think about this week. I don't think I was in a fog while pondering for several days, but maybe I was. I don't think anything in my life suffered as a result.

Here's what I THINK I know, to try to and end this post semi-graciously: Pink Fog is a state a trans person can enter when considering anything within their circumstance. It will occupy, potentially, much more of your time and energy than maybe it should. The idea is that you have better things to do. But couldn't we say that about any pleasurable that any of us do? What do you call the fog that non-trans people enter when they are plotting and scheming an upcoming vacation to Winnemucca?

As with just about anything else, I discussed this with Tanya. Upon reading someone's comment about the lure of shopping, I kiddingly told her that her excursion to Kohl's the other night was the result of pink fog. In my defense, she called herself crazy before that! Anyway, between us, we kinda had the impression that just because we engage in such activities, it doesn't have to mean it's a bad thing, or that the person is out of control somehow. If Tanya can shop till she drops (and do returns, her favorite!), that's more likely Gender Cloud stuff. She's in control.

On the other hand...back to what Calie mentioned to me when we exchanged messages on the subject. People, especially including trans or genderqueer folks who are trying to find their way, CAN engage in behavior that has negative consequences. It includes things like spending money that is needed elsewhere, discussing your "transiness" with someone maybe you shouldn't, going somewhere you shouldn't go in girl mode, and many more.

Bottom line is, and I believe this is what Calie originally intended with me, is to BE CAREFUL with the decisions you make in all parts of your life. Think them through. As much as we want to live in the moment, throw caution to the wind and BE ALIVE, sometimes it can turn out badly.

In terms of discovering and becoming our best selves, it can be confusing. That's what gender dysphoria is all about. We want to reach the pink cloud, to feel so good that we float. And we CAN. Just beware the potential pitfalls along the way.

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  1. "What do you call the fog that non-trans people enter..."

    Easy. W"up, Neo. The Matrix has you." 😁 Film references aside: obsessed? Over keen? Got a hankering for? Up themselves? (That last ones a bit Brit).

    Yeah, good to know Pink Yoda was able to enlighten and entertain 😉

    How T people write about Pink Fog varies as you've written about. I've heard it said that it's a state of mind in which you get lost. Lost in pursuit of all things T related: shopping, dressing, cosmetics, etc. Sounds fab, but it's not the real world and such indulgence can come at a cost: debt, relationships, mental health.

    So, yeah, tread carefully, young padawan 😉

    1. If I knew more good lines from Star Wars, this could be a super comments thread. But I don't, so, um...may the force be with you?

  2. U agree with Calie and Lynn about pink fog. I think it is when you are so taken by the idea of being female (for an M2F, opposite for an F2M), of pursuing all things female, that you don't count the cost, that you don't take reality into consideration. And you might make decisions you regret later because your vision was clouded. Navigating through fog is not for the faint of heart. You need to be very confident in where you are going, otherwise you might have an accident . . .

    1. Definitely. They nailed it. Just keep in mind the bright side, where the fog clears...because that is glorious!

  3. I'd say that your next to last paragraph is spot on Shannyn!

  4. The Pink Fog (aka Gender Euphoria) is certainly not negative in and of itself. It emerges in our senses when we're being authentic, whether that's in fantasy, thought, or action. Where it can become negative if chasing it becomes addictive, like a drug addict needing another fix, or someone addicted to the thrill of new romance.

    "... BE CAREFUL with the decisions you make in all parts of your life. Think them through. As much as we want to live in the moment, throw caution to the wind and BE ALIVE, sometimes it can turn out badly.'

    Sure, allow any euphoria to dissipate before making decisions. Like deciding to get married, don't do it too early in the relationship.

    That said, listen to your gender euphoria. It's your body telling you (perhaps screaming) that you're on the right track. Here again, it's like meeting someone you see as a new romantic partner. It's the chemistry, the connection. So, go out on a date or more, and see where it leads you.

  5. Because of its recent (but not old) gender-association, the color pink has strong symbolism which bleeds into people's aesthetics. Like you, I gravitate toward other colors but acknowledge the cultural power of this one.

    Coupla other points: did you know a century ago pink was considered masculine and blue feminine? Funny how they got switched.

    From your title I thought you were going to discuss an obscure blog by a friend of mine called "In The Pink Fog." That was the first time I'd heard the phrase. Thanks for the detailed info.

    Last, you need no excuse to post pics of your toes here. Ever. It's YOUR space. Sure we often feel we should justify our indulgences but there's really no need. Use your blog as a forum of self-expression and be free here. No societal or cultural limits.

  6. Your last paragraph says it all, Shannyn.

    Personally, I had never heard of the term. I definitely don't care for the fog part. Brings back bad times with depression although not pink at the time. Cloud I guess works better as long as it doesn't turn black.

    I must say I can't get enough of pink right now. Maybe it is just a phase. But your pic was worth the post all by itself. Simply lovely.

  7. "Pink Fog" is a term I have been using for a decade. It is when I am dressing, getting dressed or get ready to dress, and the Pink Fog desends on my brain and takes over. I go completely gurlie, and am ready to do most anything naughty. It is a delicious feeling! But can be a bit dangerous in causing me to reveal too much, to too many, that I dont know well enough to share so much with. If that makes sense. Find me on Flickr or my other sites and you will see Pink Fog photo results! Giggle... Hugs, Michelle.


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