Friday, November 15, 2019

My Blo(n)g

Just a little bit ago, my girl Tanya took time to message me that while she was enjoying my last post, it's long, and she was out of time to finish it. Go figure.

That lead to us determining that I should start my next post with:

"Hi, my name is Shannyn and welcome to my blo(n)g."

Well, we thought it was funny, at least. This is the kinda thing silly people can come up with on a slow Friday afternoon when we are supposed to be working.

The other thing I wanted to mention was a nice happening yesterday. I was finishing up with my new counselor/therapist, and as she was setting the next appointment time, she remarked, unsolicited, that she likes my name Shannyn, and especially the spelling with a Y.

I explained how I chose the name and told her thank you. It REALLY made my day. It felt so good, I think what I'm after in this world is a good idea.

So, that's it for today. My blong is short for a change. Wouldn't want to fall into any patterns here! Thanks to everyone who reads any of these, it's really appreciated.


  1. Not only did I read this one quickly, I even had the gumption to comment on it. Bravo!! And now back to the hockey announcer diatribe....

  2. I am so flattered and honored to capture your attention for this amazing bit of time. It must be going to snow tonight!


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