Monday, April 27, 2020

On A Good Day

On a good day, the colors pop.

On a good day, the world that does not "get me" doesn't get to me.

On a good day, there is only inspiration.

On a good day, there is perspiration. With a little sweat, possibilities explode in quantity and quality.

On a good day, there is love. If from nowhere else, love FOR me, FROM me.


Here's a challenge. For you. For me. Mostly for me. I'm going to take a shot at describing what gender euphoria is like for me. I mentioned the term once before. I'm going to write an essay about my gender euphoria. I'm going to submit, if asked, for possible inclusion in a book of essays on the subject. If I'm not asked, I'm going to just post it here. The exercise alone is worth it. That's the challenge for me.

The challenge for YOU is to leave me a comment. In the blog. Write one sentence about something positive from your gender experience. One word, even. Whether you feel the joy everyday, or have to think hard to find it. Just one thought. It won't even make you sweat.


  1. Almost every day is a good day, knowing my Life is manipulated by how I feel and all my good intentions. Knowing daily, that I can be the girl/woman I choose to be unleashes the fun and pleasure of re-creating myself. Sometimes with full makeup, sometimes a minimalist approach....but it defines ME for TODAY.

  2. Over the years I've stopped trying to answer the question of "why am I this way?" and moved toward accepting who I am, loving me this way, and enjoying the times I get to be my favorite version of me. Mind you, I choose to make the compromise of keeping this hidden from my family and friends. My wife knows that I dress and can keep my stash and dress when she and the kids are not around. That is enough for me right now. Although RIGHT NOW that means ZERO "me" time. But it will work out for the best.

  3. That moment my feet slide into a lovely new pair of heels. I close my eyes and exhale.

  4. For me, gender euphoria manifests itself in the thrill and joy of authenticity, being true to myself.


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