Two-Year HRT Anniversary: Time Flies

I'm big on birthdays, but I guess not as much on anniversaries. I haven't got a lot to say here. This seems like an obligatory "next in the series" post since I did one at six months and one year. It is good to look back on this stuff, especially in times of inertia (perceived inertia) like now. Maybe when I look back at this it will be cooler than I think it is at this moment. We shall see.

It's still the second anniversary of getting approved for estrogen (Estradiol) and the T-blocker Spironolactone. If you follow the blog, you know the Spiro is long gone now (three months post-orchiectomy) and I am just taking Estrogen now. That has switched to patches instead of pills, .6 mg total. I was only on .1, but my level was pretty low and so now it's .1 plus .5. Two patches at a times.

I see the endocrinologist on March 9 and will get labs drawn ahead of that. And we will see where we are. I don't really feel the patches are doing much better than the pills, and they are a pain to deal with (making sure they don't come off early, mostly). I'd like injections, but the doctor was hesitant last time on that. I'll keep you posted after the appointment.

Really, that's it. There's nothing new that I haven't said before in this space. Life is mostly about the job and other everyday issues that we all deal with. I don't really feel like getting into that here right now, honestly.

On a personal note, I did have a really nice outing this weekend at my cousin's place. We had a great meal of spaghetti, watched sports and just talked. I get to truly be myself there, so the moments are precious. Putting together a look and seeing the result, while still far from ideal, gave me a new burst of hope for the future. Which really is all we can expect at most times. Get from moment to moment with just enough momentum to keep going. I certainly feel that now, and am looking forward to what comes next, despite the many obstacles. Keep on keepin' on!


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