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Some of you that go way back with the blog might remember a post I wrote way back near the beginning where my friend Tanya and I were supposed to get makeovers and have a girl's day hanging out. The post was called Wednesday. That didn't come to pass (yet!) but I did get to experience something very similar this past Saturday.

I had an actual occasion to do this for, since it seems I am not one to just get dolled up on a whim. I should do that; I'm just saying I never have (yet!) and I saved the experience for my cousin's wedding here in Atlanta.

The day started early since I actually had to run an errand (picking up my estradiol) on the south side of town where I used to live (I live on the north side now), so I got up early, made it to the pharmacy just after it opened, got my prescriptions and a quick breakfast before zooming back north, where the fun part of my day could begin.

There is a nail place within walking distance of my house, and I had gone there to have my eyebrows waxed a couple weeks prior, so I knew the place would be good. I had thought of having a set of nails put on for the wedding, but time was running out on me since other things were happening at specific times in the afternoon. So I decided to just get a deluxe manicure and have my nails painted the same color as my toes (I brought my own polish) and the necklace I planned to wear to the wedding (as you can see in the pic of me). It was a fun experience, other than waiting for the paint job to dry. I was lost without my phone for like 20 minutes!

The nails came out ok, though I did mess them up a little in the process of paying at the register. Oh well, it wasn't enough for anyone to notice. I was still pleased. I then went home to continue getting ready before the "Wednesday" part came up at 1:30 PM. That included a full-face makeover at Sephora and I was excited about that! So excited that I almost forgot to shave my face (a sad but true necessity, despite HRT)!

I managed to get all ready and made it to the mall right on time. Only to find out I needed to go IN the mall to the Sephora store, as opposed to the Sephora section in JC Penney's (oops). I had no choice but to walk through the mall in my full feminine-ness (skinny jeans, open-toe gladiator sandals, bright yellow puffy-sleeved top (actually a minidress but you didn't hear that from me), and jean jacket (the weather was cool otherwise I would have ditched the jacket). I made it to the store and walked in confidently.

I introduced myself to the associate, and soon enough was in a chair at a makeup station at the from of the store (where I could be seen from the mall walkways) and got my face done by a wonderful associate named Cahrin (pronounced "kah-rin", as opposed to Karen). She took an hour and a half (was supposed to only be an hour, so I'll leave it to you as to why I needed 50% more time LOL) but we both loved the result. A few pics later and I was on my way. For sake of time here I'm rushing through the experience, but suffice to say I felt VERY pampered and very feminine. I got random compliments from customers and staff, and I was beaming as I left. I HIGHLY recommend the experience if you've never had it.

I then had to rush to Atlanta, because I was supposed to pick up food for the wedding reception. Luckily that went off without a hitch, as did the wedding. It was a casual and short ceremony, right up my alley. I didn't feel out of place there amongst the friends of both bride and groom. The day was all about them, but I got to have my fun as well.

The occasion ended with the reception, and I enjoyed myself there for a couple of hours before heading home. A grand day out as my true self, and one I will never forget!


  1. That’s fantastic 🙂❤️. I know it meant a lot to Bryce and Kat to have you there.


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