I-FAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions)

Species: Human. I don't buy this X-Files stuff about alien DNA being in all of us. Well, with some people, I wonder. But me? Pure humanoid.

Age: Do you mean chronologically or spiritually? They say I was born in 1974, but who believes these things? I feel twenty years old, at the absolute most. Until I go to pay bills, then I feel 700.

Favorite color: Blue. No, wait. Red. I like them both. I've never been able to decide. Put a gun to my head and ask again.

Chunky or creamy? - Creamy, absolutely. There is absolutely no hidden innuendo by me saying creamy. It's peanut butter, for goodness sakes! Right?

Favorite day of the week: Well, Come Monday, it'll be alright. It's also just another Manic Monday. So, Tuesday. But, Tuesday's gone with the wind. Wednesday, I don't have a song for it. It's hump day, that's not a bad thing. Thursday is just "little Friday". Friday is usually promising. Saturday is too easy. Sunday is the Lord's Day. Just can't choose one.

Pet Peeves #1: people who leave time on the microwave.

Marital status: Married

Children: Yes. Two great kids who are awesome despite me.

Profession: Anything that will pay me money. Usually in the IT field, that's the one that so far I'm good at fooling them in.

Other family: Parents both still living. One younger brother.

Best pizza: Any from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Pep and cheese, please!

Gender: Trans-feminine. I like that term best right now. Its sounds powerful.

Degree of "outness": my parents and brother are aware, as is my wife and kids. Just told a favorite cousin. Its a slow process.

Style of dress: Since I am not "full-time", my style tends to be somewhat androgynous, leaning male still. Feminine jeans, sneakers, a few t-shirts. Very subtle so as to not offend.

Dresses or skirts: skirts. They will always be my favorite. Makes for versatility in choosing things that fit, since I'm not the same size on top as on the bottom.

Favorite authors: Jennifer Finch-Boylan and Joe Posnanski. Not sure how many others lump those two in the same list.

Music I'm digging right now: Country group Midland. Some stone cold country with a modern edge. They do a great version of East Bound and Down.

Favorite movie: That's hare to say. I always went with Field of Dreams, but now its probably something even sappier. I like the ones that make me cry.

Heels or boots: heeled boots?!? I like boots, and dont mind some heel. But I'm 5'11 and trying to blend. So the footwear tends to be lower and incognito.

How often this page will change: often. I continue to learn and evolve.

Are you done now?: With this FAQ, sure. In general, I am far from done.

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