So Begins Another Day

That phrase popped in my head just now, "so begins another day". It's a day that is familiar, yet also very foreign. Many days, most days, we have an idea of how things will transpire between the time we shake off the mental cobwebs and when we let them again overtake us to produce rest.

Today, for me, and for many, we begin work again. It's 2021 and not necessarily a starting point for work in many cases, but it kinda is for me. And I'm not alone. I'm thinking of my bestie Tanya, tackling a brand new job at a new company after many years in one place. She has to travel to an office today (after 8 years of working from home) if only to pick up a laptop and some orientation before returning to COVID-induced working from home. How weird that must feel.

I personally must count myself very fortunate on this day. For while I feel much like a fish out of water as well, at least I recognize my ocean. You see, due to the shifting tides of contracts, my position (as well as that of several others) was eliminated as of 12/31. And for three weeks, I didn't know what would happen after 12/31. However, on the penultimate day of the year, I managed to interview well enough for a new position in my company to keep drawing a paycheck. I woke up on the final day of the year not knowing anything. Luckily, I was reassured in short order, and able to enjoy the holiday long weekend.

My mind goes to those who weren't so lucky. The ones who start the year with far more uncertainty than Tanya and I feel. We will both get acclimated in short order. I sure hope many others can soon as well. We all must keep moving forward. Life's highway offers very few u-turns. Onward and forward, always.

I wish all who reads this the best in this new year which is filled with promise. May any anxieties you feel be lessened as time passes and solutions present themselves to you. It's a scary world, but I feel it will get better. Hang in there, my friends.

Sun is up time's at hand
There's a stir across the land
And so begins another day
On life's highway


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