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I wrote this on Facebook today... Like many things, being "visible" can be a double-edged sword. People need to celebrate achievement, absolutely. The world is hard, so raise a glass to what has gone well. On this Trans Day of Visibility, and maybe this is just me being me, but I can't help but wonder if being visible has been a good thing for the trans community. The human propensity to need to survive and thrive lives within us as well. But at what cost? The longer one hangs around this planet, the more perspective one gains. I was born a white, middle-class male and had a childhood that was generally unburdened. I just had this piece of me that was "different" and after about 30 years I determined what exactly it was and accepted it. In doing so, I thrust myself into a distinct minority group. And that group, while making strides, is also facing tremendous prejudice in many parts of the world. From what I gather, this is not unlike what has been faced by othe

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