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Wednesday On Saturday

Some of you that go way back with the blog might remember a post I wrote way back near the beginning where my friend Tanya and I were supposed to get makeovers and have a girl's day hanging out. The post was called Wednesday . That didn't come to pass (yet!) but I did get to experience something very similar this past Saturday. I had an actual occasion to do this for, since it seems I am not one to just get dolled up on a whim. I should do that; I'm just saying I never have (yet!) and I saved the experience for my cousin's wedding here in Atlanta. The day started early since I actually had to run an errand (picking up my estradiol) on the south side of town where I used to live (I live on the north side now), so I got up early, made it to the pharmacy just after it opened, got my prescriptions and a quick breakfast before zooming back north, where the fun part of my day could begin. There is a nail place within walking distance of my house, and I had gone there to have

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