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My Gender Isn't The Problem

My wife, when we have a decent conversation about things, tends to often say that no matter what I do to my body, or my presentation, it won't fix "what's up here" (points to her head). She means that no matter what, until I can straighten out what's going on between my ears, there's not going to be any happiness for me. And while, on the whole, she doesn't know who I am very well, she still knows me better than most, since we've now been together 23 years. So, she's not wrong. It's been almost ten months now since I did my "grand reveal" to the wider group of people I know. This group consists of my extended family, old friends, and old co-workers. It still doesn't include my current co-workers, or really any other people that I interact with each day. Because I don't really interact with any people, other than minimal conversation with work folks and those in my house. I'm down to about three people I will tell how I'

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