A Welcomed Emptiness

I suspect more words will be available for me to wax poetic in the days and weeks ahead, but they escape me now. Perhaps my brain is still dulled by pain meds and anesthetic. 

I had my orchiectomy on Monday. The day, for me, could not have gone any smoother. Other than puking in the car on the ride home. I guess I wasn't ready for so much water yet. I think the patient often has it the easiest. I like to think that my support system for the few days wasn't too put out by it all. I think I was a pretty easy houseguest. You'd need to ask them.

Once again family came through for me, which I guess should not surprise me at all, but it still does. Things that seem like a huge deal to me, I guess they just aren't. Major, MAJOR kudos, and thanks to my awesome cousin Bryce and his amazing bride-to-be, Kat. No one will ever know how much it all means to me.

I'm not even 100% sure what it all means FOR me yet. The effects of the surgery and how my life is forever altered. It's been 3 days now, and I have yet to get a good grasp on it, despite knowing a good amount of the science involved and having planned this all for months. I know the benefits to my mental and physical health, but of course, it goes deeper than that. And thus you are all spared the long blog post. For now, anyway.

"A Welcomed Emptiness" is a nod to the physical only. Emotionally, I feel very good, despite many of the same external issues being there as they were before. I don't feel much different physically yet, but I suspect that that is only a matter of time. Recovery is going well, the pain is very minimal. It's more of a bit of pressure on my incisions. That is mitigated very well with ice and pain meds. In fact, I suspect that I won't need the meds much longer. I'm a wimp about pain, so being careful to not let anything get out of hand.

Otherwise, I'm back to work for a second day today, and that's going pretty ok. It's not great sitting for long periods, but again, very minimal pain.

Looking forward to the next chapter, whatever that is.


  1. one can only hope it gets easier as things progress and i wish you soooo much good luck as your recovery goes along


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